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Frequently Asked Questions on Leonard Milholland's Legal Eagle Ultralight...

Q. Do the wings Fold?

A. No, The cost in weight and complexity makes this difficult.

Q. Can I cover the Rear Section?

A. Not and stay legal it would make the craft to fast...

Q. Do I need a seat cushion?

A. No the seat is quite comfortable and you get onboard ventilation!

Q. Can I use a plastic propeller?

A. Since no reduction drive exists this is not recommended.

Q. Can I use a rotax engine?

A. Yes, but you will have to watch the W&B and center of gravity. Also Ventalation is diffrent as the engine needs more cushion.

Q. Can I paint it?

A. Only if the paint is less than 5 pounds based on my flying prototype.

Q. What  are the wings made of?

A. All wood aircraft grade spruce.

Q. What are the wing ribs made of?

A. Made with 1/4th inch cap strips with and plywood gussetts glue and stapled. Staples are removed after the glue dries.

Q. What are the spars made of?

A. Thee quarter square spar caps with plywood webbing and intercostals at all ribs.

Q. What kind of glue do you use?

A. There are many good glues on the market, I use T-88.

Q. What are the struts made of?

A. They are 60-61 T6 aluminium inch and one quarter diameter 58th 1000 wall and can be ordered from Mrs. Carlson, Streamlined Struts, P.O. Box 88, East Palestine, OH  44413, 330-426-3934.

Q. Do you have materials kits available?

A. An independently created materials package is now available from Mr. John Bolding, J&N Bolding Enterprises Inc. Box 3193 Baytown, Tx 77522 or call John @ 281-383-0113

Q. What propeller do you recommend?

A. Fixed pitch wood prop from Culver Props, Rolla, MO  573-364-6311.

Q. How can I get a suitable prop hub?

A. Prop hubs can be ordered for $165 Postpaid, I will try to hold this price but it is subject to change, based on my costs. The prop plate, bolt, washer, hub and seal and instructions are included. Here is a picture.

Q. Do I need an in flight battery charger?

A. No - Here is an excerpt from an e-mail from Steve Kiblinger, that will put this in perspective...

We installed a Grand Rapids Technology Engine Information System... The unit includes the Altitude and Rate of Climb features... The unit operates as advertised right out of the box... It has numerous readings that are managed by setting high/low limits and forgetting it... The usefulness of the instrument is just wonderful... We were concerned that the unit would take too much energy from the total loss battery setup... I use a trickle charger on the batteries and the EIS said we had 13.2 volts when I took off... 4 hours and 200 miles later the voltage was reading 12.4 volts and I had run dual ignition and the EIS full time... It is needless to worry about an onboard charging system for the LEU...

Q. Is the single carb version of the engine plans still available?

A. No the vastly improved dual Mikuni version is now featured. See detailed photos here.

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