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LaVerne Milholland

LaVerne Milholland 1924-2003

LaVerne Milholland 1924-2003

It was LaVerne's wish that Leonard go to Oshkosh 2003 and "Knock the socks off of everyone with the Double Eagle" LaVerne passed peacefully at 7 AM June 17th, 2003. Leonard is honoring her wish and will be there with the completed aircraft. According to everyone that has seen the Double Eagle LaVerne will get her wish. The Double Eagle will knock your socks off and then some. After you see it you will say "I want one."

LaVerne earned her private pilot's certificate in 1971. She is shown here in front of the Corbin Junior Ace, the first Milholland homebuilt. The Junior Ace was built in the families Deer Park, TX garage. She helped with all eleven aircraft built since that time. More of the family history is here. Leonard is most thankful of all the cards and letters recounting wonderful moments spent with LaVerne.