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Leonard Milholland's Better Half VW Engine...

Better Half VW Engine Conversion

 & the Legal EagleUltralight...

Legal Eagel Ultralight At L.E. Milholland's hanger

Welcome to Ultralight flying.  I started on the Better Half VW engine conversion about 1993, and so far have sold about 5000 plans of this conversion.  One unique feature is the fact that there is no need to cut that case! – Leonard Milholland

Click the engine photo to see the current production version.

Somewhere between 450  and 600 of these engine conversions have been built and are flying today... Including dozens on flying Leagle Eagles, many featured at Oshkosh.

NEWS - NEWS - NEWS — The Legal Eagle XL™ is now available. The XL handles the bigger and heavier pilot with a wider seat design and more wing to support the weight. And all this happens while still coming in at legal weight.   See the November feature story about the Spirit of '03, a special Legal Eagle Project. This story also show Scott Johnson's project pictured on the right. Also see the New Double Eagle™ Website: www.DoubleEagleAirplane.com

Donna Cervenka  Milholland & Leonard  Milholland at Holiday time.


Donna Cervenka Milholland & Leonard  Milholland at Holiday time.

Scott J. Johnson congradulated by Leonard Milholland on his winning the 2007 Silver Lindy Ultralight Reserve Grand Champion for Silver Slug a Leagle Eagle Ultralight at Oshkosh Airventure 2007

See the Spirit of 03 Story in the November issue of Sport Pilot. Read the full Story here. Note this file is very large (8Mb) do not attempt on a dial up connection. The story features Scott Johnson's Legal Eagle project that he finished after being inspired by the EAA Spirit of '03. This project celebrates the Wright Brothers anniversary by having the 103'ers build a Legal Eagle (mostly at Oshkosh).

Plans for the VW engine are available for $20 by calling me at 281-375-5453 or by writing me at:

Leonard Milholland, P. O. Box  747, Brookshire Tx, 77423

The Legal Eagle Ultralite

Only 244 lbs, but flies like a cub*

Leonard Milholland in front of his creation the 244Lbs Legal Eagle Ultralight. 
Photo by Graeme Gibson 11-25-2002

Plans for my working 4 stroke 244 Lbs Legal Eagle have been made available since 1998. In fact it is now flying... and taking off ... and landing... Many of these aircraft are now flying, and many more are nearing completion.


Two new videos are available, one on how to make the wings and one on how to make the cylinder heads for the BHVW. Each video is $25 the wings video is 90 minutes and the heads video is 30 minutes. Call me if you want any of the tapes. I will get them right out to you.


Dan Doolin is well on his way, he also has some nice video of others: http://home.insightbb.com/~dannyjoe/

See Steve Kiblinger's progress as he builds and flys his version at http://www.angoraaffaire.com/leu/index.htm

Breaking News from the same site. Leonard's Week

See Paul Loghry's site. Paul has some nice support merchandise for LE builders. http://www.geocities.com/txshirt/index.html

Joe Maynerd's Site. Joe features a number of sports aircraft, and other builders. http://www.advancedwatersystems.com/_.htm


2011 Leonards Website wins an Award.
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Scott J. Johnson congradulated by Leonard Milholland on his winning the 2007 Silver Lindy Ultralight Reserve Grand Champion for Silver Slug a Leagle Eagle Ultralight at Oshkosh Airventure 2007

NEWS STORY: Mike Kimbrel flies the Legal Eagle!

*It flies like a Cub, a slow Cub. These were the words I got from Mike when he had landed after test flying my Legal Eagle ultralite. Mike Kimbrel's opinion was very valuable to me as Mike has many thousands of hours in a great variety of planes. Mike owns a DC3 and 14 other planes that he keeps at his farm airstrip in Oakville, Washington. He recently flew to England in his 310 Cessna mostly IFR so he was well qualified to test the handling of an ultralite. He is also the designer of the Banty ultralite and has sold many sets of plans for it.

Legal Eagle™ in the November 2001 issue of Ultraflight Magazine.


Most of the engine photos have been revised to reflect the dual carb Mikuni version - this is the current production version.

**** >>> Double Eagle™ construction photos. <<<****

**** >>> Double Eagle™ Production Photos. <<<****    Orders

OSHKOSH Annual Presenter L.E. Milholland EAA Logo 2002 Champ for the Legal Eagle Ultralight

4 Video's Now Available!!!

The new videos will give you many of those answers that your looking for. According to Leonard, it gives the answer to at least a 1001 questions. Call 281-375-5453 to order. Each VHS Video is $25.

1. Informational Video (shows the layout, covering wing, before and after, starts at prop and goes to tail , includes some flying). 55min.

2. Wing Construction Video (show construction method for both Legal Eagle and Double Eagle Wing) 1:30

3. How to Construct Heads for Engine (shows cutting and welding technique for making two heads from one dual port head) 30 min.

4. Engine Assembly Video (covers all phases to assemble Better Half VW engine) 58 min.

Order Your Legal Eagle Video Banner


If you want everything the price is $160 and I will send you the 4 videos, BHVW engine plans, and legal Eagle plans by prepaid priority mail the same day (within 24 hours) that I get your order.


As might be expected a number of changes in the design of the Legal Eagle have occurred. To help keep track of these changes this page has been added, MANDATORY CHANGES, as well as information from builder sites that suggest other changes. Paul Loghry has offered to help distribute changes from the designer and other modification sites.

Paul's Changes Site: http://www.geocities.com/txshirt/LEU_updates_mods.html

Frequently Asked Questions...

Please feel free to write me at the above address to let me know how you feel or send e-mail to the address below.  I also have propeller hubs for the VW and they can be purchased for $165 complete with prop plate, and hardware with plan. Call for more details.

Specifications and Detail Photos for the Legal Eagle...

Complete Welded Fuselage is available. Also Fuselage materials packages... As Well As Wing Construction Materials.

A materials package is available from Mr. John Bolding

J&N Bolding Enterprises Inc. 15731 Lakeview Dr., Baytown,Tx 77522 or call John @ 281-383-0113

Visit My EAA Chapter

Email Address: Leonard at lemilholland.com

This is a birds eye view of the field I work from, my hanger and home is in the foreground at the bottom left. You can see the solar panels on the roof.

Additional Photos Additional Reviews

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